It is anunderground method of installing pipes without a ditch by a fully steerable drilling.


  • Low impact on traffic in the area.
  • You save time in the installation of piping.
  • Lower costs in remodeling and reconstruction.
  • Minor civil, environmental and visual impact on the area, avoiding nuisance to neighbors.
  • You can avoid obstacles (buried pipes, rocks, foundries, streets, etc.)
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  • Study of the work
  • Pilot Drilling
  • Operation widening
  • Pipe Installation

1. Study the work

  1. GPR mapping
  2. Topography study
  3. Soil Study
  4. Drilling plan
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2. Pilot Drilling

Drilling along the planned route in the study. For this purpose a drill head which allows changes in direct routes are used. The orientation is controlled at all times by systems to the work educated navigation; this allows the location of the drill head and ensures the designed route tracking.

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3. Widening

Once the pilot drilling has been completed until the second trench, the drill headis substituted by a reamer and proceeds to pull it in reverseto the point of origin. In cases where the diameter of the product to be installed allows it, a single widening tool is used and the pipe is installed.

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4. Pipe Installation

The pipe previously thermo-welded is secured behind the reamer and introduced into the interior of the drilling by pulling it gently, since thesuspension consisting of a composition of sludge acts as slide means, it reduces friction against the walls, removes debris particles and prevents heating of the drilling tool. The pipe already installed keepstension-free.

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Designed for pressurized fluid lines, used in all applications including construction.


  • Union: The union is the strongest part of the tube.
  • No leaks: thermo-bonded seams ensure the customer that the pipe will not leak.
  • Water hammer: The pipeline is designed to withstand water hammer repeatedly 1.5 its design pressure and up to 2x times.
  • Accessories: It has all kinds of accessories. Accessories that can be electro-fused once the pipe is installed (for household connections, branch pipes, etc.)
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